[Dshield] Hijacked - need an explanation

Tony Earnshaw tonye at billy.demon.nl
Mon Feb 2 19:57:20 GMT 2004

Thanks list :)

In spite of my surname, I'm a Norwegian. From near Bergen, in West
Norway. In East Norway, there's a valley called Gudbrandsdal. A rich,
tradition-rich valley with a lot of places called "*bu". Ringebu, Venabu
etc. I was surfing looking for a friend. I went from Venabu and clicked
on "Vena*bygd*" (not *bu) and got this:


*What is this?* I fill in login: "crap" and password "crap", and I get

"Forgot your password?" I get the same unsympathetic man, man.

Norway (especially Gudbrandsdal) is whiter than white, with blue/grey
eyes and fair hair, for the most part. Caucasian WASPs, if ever there
were any. (I have brown eyes). I do not want this man.

Can any one tell me what's happening?

Apart from me being hijacked, I realize that.



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