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> For all of you following SCO site news. 
> http://biz.yahoo.com/djus/040202/0942000542_3.html

The level of utter disinformation being accepted from SCO and
subsequently forwarded by the "media" regarding SCO, IBM, Linux, and
now this MyDoom stuff is simply mindblowing.

The Yahoo! article starts out swallowing hook, line and sinker a bit
of time-travel created by SCO in it's latest 10K filing with the
Securities and Exchange Commission, which is _supposed_ to cover
conditions and facts in SCO's past fiscal year, ending October 31,
2003, and then goes on to accept anything said by SCO without any
question or objective analysis.

Note that: ending October 31, 2003.

In the revised 10K SCO actually has the gall to state:

"... Additionally, we have recently experienced a distributed
denial-of-service attack as a result of the "Mydoom" worm virus. It is
reported that the effects of this virus will continue into February
2004. If such attacks continue or if our customers and strategic
partners are also subjected to similar attacks, our business and
results of operations could be materially harmed..."

How in a statement covering a period ending October 31 can SCO be
truthfully addressing something that takes place in late January 2004?

Because SCO filed the -> new <- 10K on January 28, 2004.



The direct quote from groklaw.net:

"...Another odd thing. The 10K, which is for the fiscal year ending
October 31, 2003 and which was signed and filed on January 28, 2004,
mentions the MyDoom virus, which happened January 26, 2004. It puts it
in the context of adverse results from their litigation strategy and
seems to pin the blame on the Linux community, which as it now turns
out is inaccurate..."

And yet Yahoo! and much of the rest of the IT press continues to
parrot anything SCO says without any critical review.

It's really enough to blow your mind.

- John
"Mad cow? You'd be mad too, if someone was trying to eat you."

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