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I was referring to the article that was posted.. Not SCO's business
practices, for which I could personally care less.  UNIX or Windows doesn't
matter to me.. I started in the 70's and soon there after geared towards the
business worlds wants/needs.  Any valuable programmer/admin will be skilled
in both worlds.. ;-)



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> man, 02.02.2004 kl. 18.48 skrev Rick Klinge:
> > Well imho that is nuts.. It looks like to me the web site was taken 
> > off line by either the sco company or there internet 
> provider.  I have 
> > no logs of latency connecting to sco.com but rather sco.com was 
> > non-exsistent.. as in the dns records were changed.  Is it possible 
> > that a dDoS could disable a site in 15 minutes?
> SCO can do anything it wants, Internetwise. I was once a SCO 
> admin. Why not join the SCO newsgroup, if you're a SCO 
> person? If not, don't bother.
> comp.unix.sco.misc. There are a lot of SCO people (like 
> normal, top-talented SCO support and developers - remember 
> that this is Unix) andyuz all (especially the Windows idiots) 
> is hopeless, (Windows nincompoops). The genwine SCO people 
> will always tell the truth. Others on both lists who just 
> want to pick a quarrel.
> And a load of crappers, on both these of lists, whose input 
> is definitely not wanted. I could give you names. Maybe I'll 
> hang you out, as being you.
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