[Dshield] My graphics guy sent me the following message thismorning...I'd love to hear comments/thoughts/advice:

Lauro, John jlauro at umflint.edu
Tue Feb 3 16:13:31 GMT 2004

Considering that he is a Mac, and all these viruses are PC related,
and Macs don't have the nasty habbit of ignoring extenion and MIME
types as Windows does, making auto spreading many times less likely,
the request to treat him as non local and let him run mail directly on
his box seems very reasonable.  Well, assuming he is technical enough
to configure a mail server on the Mac.  It really isn't that hard to
do, but it could become a support issue.
Another option would be to setup a different mail server in the DMZ
that does not have all the filtering.  There is nothing wrong with
virus scanning, it's the blocking of .jpg and .html that is causing
him problems... If I were a graphic artist using a Mac, and you were
putting these silly (to a Mac user) restrictions on my e-mail, I would
be ready to strangle you...


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thismorning...I'd love to hear comments/thoughts/advice:

Part of me wants to strangle him; the rational part of me wants to
find a
more peaceful solution.  FYI, we're using Trend Micro ScanMail, Server
Protect, and OfficeScan.  We've got ISA Server on our border.  I'm
hoping to
hearing about other solutions, policy suggestions, etc.  Thanks in
for input!!  /Lou

I understand the need for a safe computer network and I appreciate all
do to maintain ours. I know you devote much of your time to this
However, it has become increasingly difficult to send and receive
Since most data that I receive is either .jpg or .html documents that
been very frustrating both for the sender and the recipient. I am
trying to keep the folks I deal with aware of not sending documents
those formats. Knowing the challenges you face, I have a few possible
suggestions for alternative ways we can have a secure system while I
still be able to send and receive graphic files?

Can we place a dedicated graphics address on my MAC and internet
access on
the other side of the firewall? Treat me like an outside source that
doesn't have access to the intranet except through the firewall and
you have installed.

Or can we create a list of approved email sources that are considered
trustworthy, virus free, and that will have the privilege of sending
documents with the formats that are currently blocked.
Or is it possible to create a macro that will scan quarantined
documents for
infection and once it has been determined that the documents are safe
are automatically forwarded to the appropriate party.

Is it possible to turn off the outgoing blocking mechanism? I am
that an internal virus is impossible so what is triggering the
deletion of
attachments generated internally?

Can we find an alternate method of document transmission? The two
maintenance firms we have employed to manage the MAC's have both
on the tight security. I don't know of anyone else going to this
extent on
the security issues. I am not saying it is not necessary, but I am
we can work out a solution that would enable me to accomplish what my
demands. I will help out in any way I can.
Thanks for your patience as we endeavor to find a solution.

Lou Hablas
Systems Manager
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries

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