[Dshield] My graphics guy sent me the following message thism orning...I'd love to hear comments/thoughts/advice:

Louis Hablas Lou.Hablas at rzim.org
Tue Feb 3 20:00:41 GMT 2004

Thanks all re: the replies, including the laughs.
Yes...Steganography...that was a good one.  The reason for .jpg blocking has
to do more with some of the crap that people inside/outside of the office
pass around more than anything related to virii...but I digress.

As many of you suggested and as I'd been contemplating same, I'll probably
drop a ftp box outside of our firewall and let my graphics guy 'own' it (for
the most part).  I'm not a UNIX guy, but this might be as good a place to
jump in as anyplace.  Along these lines, what flavor would be the easiest
for me to get in place AND be secure out of the box; also, any ftp recs.
along same lines.

I could also build a Windows box, lock it down except for base services and
then install a 3rd party ftp server like Bulletproof.  Any other thoughts
re: going this route?  Any recs re: other 3rd party ftp servers to consider?

Thanks again.


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> This is also better than email attachments from a bandwidth 
> point of view. Remember, base64-encoding a file causes it to 
> expand in size by about 40%.
It is better in terms of NET badwidth.  However, not in terms of
bandwidth that each of the end user needs to see, and thus a loss in
terms of productivity.  If it's e-mail the transfer over the slower
link between sites happens in the background.  If FTP, then one has to
go and poll the FTP server to see if something is there, instead of
getting it in an e-mail as soon as it's transferred.  Plus either the
sender or receiver must wait for the transfer (granted, other windows
could be open), but it boils down to being less productive.  

Here is another option...

Have the user get a yahoo account.  It's free, and he can attach .jpg
files.  Of course this make the bandwidth issue like FTP, but still
have the convience of e-mail.

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