[Dshield] My graphics guy sent me the following messagethis morning...

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Wed Feb 4 14:28:23 GMT 2004

I've heard that WarFTP was a pretty secure free ftp server for windows.
Anyone know of any security problems with it?




> FTPisn't secure, and I've heard of lots of boxes being owned 
> due to FTP being opened to the internet when it wasn't 
> correctly configured.
> For my home site, I threw up Apache & PHP with GeekLog on it. 
> Geeklog's had a number of security issues, but there's plenty 
> of Bulletin Board scripts which allow file uploads and 
> downloads.  As long as you don't publish links to the 
> frontend of the BB system security won't be as much of an 
> issue.  (Meaning don't have it listed in any links form your 
> main site, and don't have it as the default web page)
> FTP servers answer anyone (unless configured otherwise) whereas the
> bulletin board script can be 'hidden'.   Yes, apache will still answer
> all requests, but theoretically that shouldn't be a problem.
> Either way about it is a good excuse to get acquainted with Linux.

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