[Dshield] Netstat output from XP machine

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Wed Feb 4 21:12:45 GMT 2004

WoW.. This is a p2p file sharing application (http://www.ign.com).  I sure
wouldn't want my 'files' shared to others without my permission regardless
of what the red woose company claims.  I also wouldn't want any of our
corporate computers infected with this either. IMHO, this is like running
KaZza in super node all the time. It does not maintain any personal
identifiable information?  Worse yet are they claiming they just have a pass
through server that connects all the clients?.. I would think your IP
address is 'personal' after all it's how law enforcement traces online


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> Dustin, list,
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> On Wed, 4 Feb 2004 20:49:57 +0100 Erik van Straten wrote:
> > is registered to Redwoosh.
> Make that Redswoosh. And check out their pages:
> The Red Swoosh software is not 'spyware' and does not maintain any 
> personally identifiable information about the end users. The software 
> is also not a trojan, a virus or a worm, and even though it does 
> operate transparently, it is completely removable and is only 
> installed after the end user's explicit agreement to a software use 
> license.

Their EULA is here: http://www.redswoosh.com/rsednclient_eula.phtml

Erik van Straten

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