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Tom Geairn tgeairn at newviewconsulting.com
Thu Feb 5 17:10:45 GMT 2004

For those wanting to test/break something, you can download the file
from http://www.unforgettable.dk/42.zip.

It's a 42k zip file that contains 16 zip files, each with 16 zip files,
each with 16 zip files, with 16 zips, with 16 zips, which each contain a
single 4.3GB file.  Total extracted filesize (without overhead) of
4,503,599,626,321,920 bytes.

Please use this ONLY to test your own systems.

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This has been known for some time. There's a .zip floating around called
42.zip which does just that. It supposedly creates a hierarchy of files
totalling 4.5PB. That's Peta Bytes. Unverified, though...


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