[Dshield] Netstat output from XP machine

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Thu Feb 5 17:16:52 GMT 2004

On Wed, 4 Feb 2004, Erik van Straten wrote:

> Make that Redswoosh. And check out their pages:
> http://redswoosh.com/edn_client_info.html

> Their EULA is here:
> http://www.redswoosh.com/rsednclient_eula.phtml

You didn't quote the good stuff. From Legalese to English:

They will upgrade their utility, which sits on your computer without your
knowlege (you never once mentioned Redswoosh in your initial post), when
they want. It is so websites can have their stuff auto-loaded to your
system before you are even there, because all sites that participate in
this Redswooshing kinda share the pictures, graphics, cute logos, (I'd bet
the ad content works into this someplace too), sound, and other media.
These downloads happen whenever, as far as you're concerned, and you
_probably_ won't notice the dozen connections to odd wesites. (This would
explain the numberous connections with the incrementing port numbers. I
frequently watch the traffic as my webserver takes connections. The
connections sort of "spray" out, from the client to host. Ports like 3325,
then 3326, 3327, 3328, 3329, 3329. Some die off, and new ones start. This
would explain the varying states of the connections you saw with netstat.)

This was one of my major motivating points for my move from Windows (which
I'd used my whole life) to Linux (which I knew had a penguin as a
mascot- and that's all). Of course, this is obviously my own opinion, and
I'm sure people's fingers are getting ichy for the "reply" button, but I
went thru this one to many times; software I never knew about doing
mysterious things behind my back. My computer exists only to serve me, and
me only. It should do exacly what I tell it- and no more. This seems to be
the situation here. I couldn't accept that. The benefit you get out of it
(if any) will tell you which choice you make; it's your system. Mine? No


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