[Dshield] traffic towards Microsoft

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Fri Feb 6 17:04:54 GMT 2004

AMEN to that my friend. Ignorance is NOT bliss... :-)

What you note you saw (and how you were treated; unreal) brings back my
recollections on that these folks were reporting that I alluded to. I cannot
for the life of me, remember what list...


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On Thu, 5 Feb 2004, Chuck Lewis wrote:

> Are these Windows XP ? I've heard some time back that XP like to "talk
> to the "Mother Ship"...

See the attachment.

Of course, die-hard Windows fans deny this up and down.

Once, I was on IRC at Undernet. There, there's a channel, #windowsxp. It's
ruled by "puppet". Apperently, he was booting people from the channel
because of illegit Windows XP copies. I wondered about this, and asked the
group if they could really tell which version of Windows you were using;
puppet said yes, they can tell alot about your system. So I ask him to
tell me which version of Windows I run (I don't...I wouldn't be caught
dead running Windows). He didn't answer. I asked the group if they were OK
with the fact that this guy, who no one even really knew, seemed to be
able to tell an awful lot about your Windows-based system. They thought
about it, then the replies came. They began to ask more about it, and
became suspect of Windows being see-thru. I scrolled to another
channel...needless to say when I returned, I had been kick-banned out of
#windowsxp by puppet :`( complete with a nasty comment/reason after it
that's not printable for a public forum. Hmmm...hit apon a sore spot, did

Most people will generally say that MS doesn't look at your personal stuff
(how do they know, really?), but the _technology_ and _means_to_do_it_ are
certainly there. Back when I ran Windows, I had a 3rd party firewall that
blocked in AND out- both directions. Take a wild guess what was trying to
connect out, and to where it was going. ;-)

(Please note, I'm not attempting to slander MS, only report on what I've
experienced, seen and heard. People deserve to know about the system that
is controlling their computer, so that they may make their own choice.)


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