[Dshield] Decompression Bombs

jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Sun Feb 8 12:53:06 GMT 2004

On Sat, 7 Feb 2004, Kenneth Coney wrote:

> That's about right.  Long gone are the days of instantly downloading and
> reading the emails.  Five years ago it took less than a minute to put the
> morning's mail in viewable format.  These days with 187 or so spams and
> malware mixed in the batch it is get mail, then leave the room for coffee.

I can't see any way for it to end. I think email might just have to die
and be re-born as something else for it to be sane again. There's just too
much nasty stuff out there. There should be a consortium- they'll sit
down, think this out, make proposals. Then let people hammer on their
new-email candidate until they find one that's resistant to the daily
deluge of malware that today's email sees. Maybe roll SSL into it somehow.
Get a type of PGP trust-database thing going. There needs to be some way
of holding the right people accountable, and shutting off
spamming/virus-spewing hosts before they do a number on your network. I
found once I stopped taking mail from about 20 or so networks/hosts, the
garbage slowed to a trickle. I haven't see a spam since maybe last Monday.

Today's batch of virus-scanning, spam filtering software just isn't
enough. With viruses, the tests to catch them come _after_ the wide spread
infections have occured. By then the thing's already got a foot-hold on
several million infected systems.

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