[Dshield] MyDoom-A/B

Erwin Van de Velde erwin.vandevelde at ua.ac.be
Sun Feb 8 14:40:50 GMT 2004

I'd place my bet on the frustrated script kiddie :-)

I don't think organized crime is involved as the worm doesn't do that much 
Okay, there is damage and SCO went down and so on, but if the virus writer 
really wanted to cause damage, this is far to little: no files are deleted 
and your computer does not explode :-)
I also do not know why someone would pay much for a virus as MyDoom, as no one 
has any gain of it, it just demonstrates -again- the weakness of computer 
security by spreading so fast.

I think that organized crime would use hackers and virus writers for two 
purposes: hacking into one specific system and taking down the internet. That 
are two actions by which they have a gain: getting information or altering 
data and demonstrating there powers (think of 9/11 on the internet).

Erwin Van de Velde
Student of University of Antwerp

On Sunday 08 February 2004 08:51, JD wrote:
> On Feb 2, 2004, at 7:02 AM, John Sage wrote:
> > The apparent Russian origin has some thinking that Russian organized
> > crime is somehow involved.
> >
> > SCO (and the resulting Linux connection) is just a smokescreen.
> >
> > If there is such a phrase in the source code, it may be that someone
> > did write MyDoom for pay...
> My guess it's written by some Russian spam gang programmer,  paid really
> well,  and originally intended to make more spam trojans,  and this SCO
> attack was just something they added as well.
> John
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