[Dshield] He wasn't bulletproof after all

Jim Race vimages at well.com
Sun Feb 8 20:14:15 GMT 2004

Kenneth Coney wrote:

> Some of you may recall my posting about someone who only ran DOS on his 
> machine and who thought that because of his lack of Windows and his 
> selection of browsers that he was immune to all malware and AV software 
> or firewalls which required Windows would be a waste of his time and 
> money. Today I got this from him.
> ________________
> "Somehow when I was online I received a pop-up box which calls itself
> a "sticky-stay" in my Opera version 6.05 which I was running on my
> Windows 95 machine.  I can't get rid of the darned thing, even when I


Well. He may have written that with Pine, but he said it happened on a 
Win95 box. So? That ain't DOS, is it?

If you want to look at such a file, just save the page locally and load 
it in a trusted text editor.

The 'random.php' it calls is just a way to randomize various ads.

The rest you can interpret for itself.



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