[Dshield] He wasn't bulletproof after all

Ian Cottrell ian.cottrell at rogers.com
Sun Feb 8 22:04:27 GMT 2004

> Some of you may recall my posting about someone who only ran DOS on his 
> machine and who thought that because of his lack of Windows and his 
> selection of browsers that he was immune to all malware and AV software or
> firewalls which required Windows would be a waste of his time and money. Today
> I got this from him. ________________ "Somehow when I was online I received a
> pop-up box which calls itself a "sticky-stay" in my Opera version 6.05 which I
> was running on my Windows 95 machine.  I can't get rid of the darned thing,
> even when I am off line.  I even performed a complete re-install of my Opera
> browser and I still can't get rid of it. 


     When I visited the site (with Opera 7.23), my McAfee A/V popped up and 
killed the thing.  The page displayed as a blank page with a black 
background.  and the label "Inbox".  McAfee called it JS/Noclose.gen.  The 
description from NAI can be found at 


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