[Dshield] AOL Probing Me Big Time

Jim Race vimages at well.com
Mon Feb 9 23:34:25 GMT 2004

WMAVT at aol.com wrote:

> I get up to 500 hits from AOL in a 3 HR session, LOL. But I use AOL software 
> on a winXp machine that is NOT "TO BE USED." AOL 5.0.
>     If you have Netscape, AIM, or ever had AOL or you picked up an AOL 
> password sniffer, or someone has put a BOT on you machine to Collect AOL Screen 
> Names, AOL Will try to get in and see what you are up to.
>     Other than that the IP is AOL. 
>                                have fun Bill

Dear Bill,

That is AMAZING. I can't imagine that kind of TRAFFIC.

Take CARE of your MACHINE.

And SAY HELLO TO AOL for the rest of us.


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