[Dshield] vunerability windows

David Avery daa at rm.incc.net
Tue Feb 10 05:40:01 GMT 2004

On 10-Feb-2004, allan.malig at equitablepcib.com wrote:
> Interesting.   BTW, is it true that SETI has a project before that uses 
> the CPU resources of an online computer (with permission  of course) when 
> it's on screen saver mode?  If ever this is true, wonder how do you set it 
> to pass through  a firewall :-) 

seti at home , folding at home , distributed.net , united.devices (ud.com)
all are distributed processing projects. All have clients that either
run as screensavers or idle jobs. most have the ability to communicate 
via various ports and protocols.

and there are probably another dozen projects simular to these.


daa at distributed.net

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