[Dshield] vunerability windows

Josh Tolley josh at raintreeinc.com
Tue Feb 10 07:29:05 GMT 2004

Yes, they use the client computer to process data received by various 
radio telescopes looking for patterns that might have come from 
intelligent sources. But all network traffic is, if I remember 
correctly, HTTP, and it's very limited -- you download a fairly small 
chunk of data (a few kilobytes, I think) and process it independently 
for several hours, after which you upload your results and get another one.


allan.malig at equitablepcib.com wrote:
> Interesting.   BTW, is it true that SETI has a project before that uses 
> the CPU resources of an online computer (with permission  of course) when 
> it's on screen saver mode?  If ever this is true, wonder how do you set it 
> to pass through  a firewall :-) 
> Regards

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