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Yes, the user loads client software on their system, so it is only the
user computer which makes the outbound connection.  A more complete
answer from their FAQ:

-----<snip from: http://setiathome2.ssl.berkeley.edu/faq.html#q1.11

Does SETI at home work through firewalls (or proxies)? 
SETI at home uses the HTTP protocol, and work through any semi-transparent
firewall that allows outgoing Web traffic. The latest versions of
SETI at home should work through more restrictive firewalls and proxies. 

If you are having problems connecting from Windows through a SOCKS
proxy, you could also look into SocksCap by NEC at
http://www.socks.nec.com/sockscap.html and Hummingbird Socks at
http://www.hummingbird.com/products/nc/socks/index.html Both let you
use software as if it were "directly connected to the Internet". 

If you're STILL having trouble connecting through an HTTP proxy server
and you are running SETI at home on an older version of Windows 95,
Microsoft has an updated Winsock 2 driver which corrects the problem,
and lets the SETI at home client connect. Search for "Windows Socket 2" in
the Product Information section of the Microsoft web site. The file is
about 986 kbytes, and post-dates Windows 95 Service Pack 1. 

>>> allan.malig at equitablepcib.com 2/9/2004 8:15:36 PM >>>
Interesting.   BTW, is it true that SETI has a project before that uses

the CPU resources of an online computer (with permission  of course)
it's on screen saver mode?  If ever this is true, wonder how do you set
to pass through  a firewall :-) 


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