[DShield] 3127/tcp by Doomjuice (Kaspersky) - MyDoom takeover?

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 16:49:46 GMT 2004


CISCO/Linksys has recently come out with a new SOHO router called the 
RV802.  I was reviewing the user guide for it and I noticed that is 
supports log output in syslog format to a syslog server. The other 
router products from Cisco/Linksys (e.g. BEFSR41, BEFSX41) as you know 
use simple SNMP traps to, for example, the Linksys Logviewer app, and, I 
presume, to your own software product,  LinkLogger, for reporting log 
events.  I may be misinterpreting the RV802 user guide but I surmise 
that it will NOT work with Logview or with your own product since there 
is no mention of those simple SNMP traps, only the syslog method. Do you 
have any experience with this product yet? I have a unit coming my way 
from Amazon which I plan test out/shakedown.  I had been hoping that 
this product would support VLANS but such is not the case. I guess the 
cost of the silicon to support VLAN's does not yet justify the 
production of such a unit in the price range of the RV802 (~$300 @ list).

Please feel free to response off list if you prefer.


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