[Dshield] cracking SoBig/SINIT/MyDoom, et alius

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Tue Feb 10 17:44:55 GMT 2004


ok,,, i'll take the bait. AS has sworn off movies for politics but 
perhaps his Terminator avatar could  go into battle with these cyber 
armies,  Austrian Spanish accent and all!.

In a more serious vein, as I write this I am listening to Dan Verton  is 
discussing  his book, "Black Ice the invisible threat of cyberterrorism" 
on the radio  in an interview with Kojo Namde 
(http://www.wamu.org/kojo/index.html) and articulating his views (rather 
downbeat, as in......there is a lot of national security risk out there 
right now!) on the current situation in the US with respect to 
cybersecurity. Allan Paller of SANS has also recently spoken on this 
subject in Washington DC, i.e. the risk to physical assets (e.g. dams, 
etc.) caused by oftentimes unintentional linkages between real-time C3 
systems and the Internet as a part of a speech he gave to mostly US 
government employees on the latest FSMA(??) report card.

By the way WAMU archives their broadcasts so you can listen to the Dan 
Verton interview afterward if you can't catch it in realtime. He will 
also be speaking at an upcoming meeting of the ISSA-NOVA 

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