[Dshield] MS04-0007?

Rick Klinge rick at jaray.net
Wed Feb 11 17:04:18 GMT 2004

I've applied it to several critical W2K servers, after testing it of course,
and on serveral XP machiens and have seen no issues.  Because of the "Most
Critical" nature of this patch I had choosen not to delay.  IMHO, out of all
the patches relesed to date for W2K this one - is "the one" not to wait and
see first.


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> I got one report from a user off list about a Win2003 system 
> going into an infinite reboot cycle after patching.
> I patched one XP Pro and one Win2003 AS system without 
> problems (the Win2003 AS system is a very simple test install).
> One reason it took MSFT so long to fix this bug is the fact that 
> these libraries are used by many subsystems. Apply them with 
> care to critical systems, but don't try to delay this patch 
> for too long.
> > > 	I am wondering if any list members have had bad
> > > experiences with this latest patch. I am afraid to touch our 
> > > Exchange box. If anyone can share any of their experiences 
> > > that would be appreciated very much.
> > > 
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