[Dshield] Microsoft ASN.1

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Thu Feb 12 19:00:38 GMT 2004

On: Thursday, February 12, 2004 1:02 PM Doug wrote (edited):

>Home users, even those on dial-ups, but especially those on "always on"
>broadband connections are especially at risk of infection when firewall,
>A/V(current definitions) and patches are not aggressively kept up to date.

Amen to that Doug. I read something last year along the following lines: 

"Within the first 10 minutes of hooking up to a home broadband connection
you have been "found" and within the next 10 minutes attacks have started
against your PC". 

This could SO easily be stymied if all of these broadband providers would
provide a Linksys, etc router to do NAT, etc. The buying volume this folks
have is immense and they could to that and not hardly increase the price in
my opinion ! The reality is that most don't even MENTION that there will be
any kind of problem. To me that is inexcusable...

>On our network, we use scripting that checks at the time of login for
>needed patches and A/V definitions and require the download and application
>prior to accepting the login.  In fact we have been doing this since the NT
>days.  This used to aggravate some users, but management stands behind the
>policy and we are sticking to it.

How exactly are you doing this Doug ?

Thanks !


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