[Dshield] Weird WebDAV exploit pattern

Frank Knobbe frank at knobbe.us
Thu Feb 12 23:01:01 GMT 2004


for almost a week now we have been seeing some strange WebDAV exploit
activity. Usually we see the average WebDAV scan, either a "/SEARCH"
request of the "Nessus safe scan". But recently we've been seeing a
pattern of about 10-20 instances of the "/SEARCH" attempt with varying
amount of "A"'s. My theory was that there is a new exploit script out
there that probes for vulnerabilities in the SEARCH component of WebDAV
with varying offset, possibly to catch different language version of the
WebDAV component -- kinda like a universal Swiss-Army script. Some
packets include shellcode, others don't (strangely, just varying lengths
of the NOP sled).

However, this is not a once in a while thing. The activity level is
approaching that of a virus or worm or other automated beast.

Is anyone else seeing the same pattern? Any ideas what could be behind


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