[Dshield] Microsoft ASN.1

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Fri Feb 13 00:58:53 GMT 2004

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: > This could SO easily be stymied if all of these broadband providers would
: > provide a Linksys, etc router to do NAT, etc. The buying volume this folks
: > have is immense and they could to that and not hardly increase the price
: in
: > my opinion ! The reality is that most don't even MENTION that there will
: be
: > any kind of problem. To me that is inexcusable...
: >
Actually in this area RoadRunner is doing exactly that, and SBC is starting it
in March.
The problem there is somewhat magnified in that they are delivered with default
open configurations.  One can start up a laptop with a wireless card, get in his
car and drive the neighborhood, and find open internet connections all over the
place.  The users usually have not a clue how to secure their own wireless home
networks, and don't know what   a MAC address is, much less how to set it up in
the router.
I wonder how many of them have a clue that they are making available free
internet access to their neighbors?

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