[Dshield] Microsoft ASN.1

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> "Within the first 10 minutes of hooking up to a home 
> broadband connection you have been "found" and within the 
> next 10 minutes attacks have started against your PC". 

I love this stuff, eating fries will give you cancer, smoking
dope leads inexorably to heroin abuse and the internet is chockful
of wild eyed script kiddies that are out to get you...personally. 

Now I am not saying you shouldn't take all reasonable precautions, what
am saying is you shouldn't throw wild claims (or clams for that matter)
around.  It just makes you sound a bit on the deranged side.

I have found that a rational, calm, measured explanation of the 
cost / benefit / risk equation is far more effective in persuading, 
particularly home users, that a firewall, and the requisite effort
in learning how to deploy it, is  a worthwhile investment.

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