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john beck jbeck80 at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 13 18:41:51 GMT 2004

> > I realize that he who was installing the
> > system shouldn't have connected the machine to the network in the first
> > place before patching, ...
>How do you get around the catch-22 that you need to connect to the
>network to get the updates?
>Do you actually keep an up-to-date CD with all of the patches around for
>new installs?
>John Hardin  KA7OHZ

You can build an image(os+patches) and use it to deploy (mainly to multiple 
systems for best ROI)
And that you purchase a standard hardware config that is used throughout 
network.  That is the best way, otherwise you can build it on a segment that 
only connects to a SUS (system update server) and build that way, another 
high tech method is using a WMI on a VLAN that checks for services and 
configurations and does not allow traffic to that machine until all 
requirements are fulfilled 
(pathes-hotfixes-antivirus-anitmalware-blackbooks, just kidding I keep that 
to myself).
I like the hightech way, because you can quarentine laptops when they get 
back from traveling, until they are deemed safe by the WMI.  I love high 
tech, no not that way:)

Your welcome!
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