[Dshield] PayPal hijacker pleads guilty

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PayPal 'hijacker' pleads guilty

1:45 PM PST Wednesday Alec Scott Papierniak, 20, of 
Mankato, Minn., has pleaded guilty in federal court 
in San Jose to wire fraud related to what prosecutors 
call his hijacking of PayPal accounts on the Internet. 
For nearly two years until he was caught in September
 2003, Mr. Papierniak obtained user names and 
passwords for Paypal accounts allowing him to hijack 
those accounts and engage in fraudulent purchases and 
transfers of funds, according to the plea bargain 
reported by the United States Attorney's Office for 
Northern California. Mr. Papierniak created and used 
fake, or spoofed, PayPal webpages, which appeared to 
be valid PayPal webpages, but in reality were false 
and fraudulent, and which requested PayPal users to 
log on and enter their user names and passwords, 
prosecutors say. He then e-mailed messages that 
appeared to be from PayPal directing the recipients 
to connect to a linked webpage upon which the recipient 
would be connected, not to the legitimate PayPal website, 
but to the spoof site created and maintained by Mr. 
Papierniak, according to court records. The spoof site 
was virtually identical in appearance to the valid PayPal 
site, and directed the individual to login with a user 
name and password. Mr. Papierniak set up the spoof site 
to incorporate a back-end e- mail account, which, upon 
the victim logging on, would secretly e-mail the 
victim's user name and password to an e-mail account 
controlled by Mr. Papierniak, prosecutors say. Once Mr. 
Papierniak had fraudulently obtained the user names and 
passwords for the PayPal accounts, he would transfer 
funds from the hijacked accounts to his own use, 
according to prosecutors. Mr. Papierniak's sentencing 
is scheduled for May 10. © 2004 American City Business 
Journals Inc. American City Business Journals

Now if we could just get some responsible leadership at
PayPal, someone who wouldn't just give out customers
personal info to anybody who merely sends a fax asking
for it.

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