[Dshield] Microsoft ASN.1

Chuck Lewis clewis at iquest.net
Fri Feb 13 19:49:18 GMT 2004

That's true and pathetic/frustrating to say the LEAST Eric. If the ISP's
don't get serious about this here in the US, they are asking to get TOLD to
do this which no one wants. But as folks in the government get more tech
savvy and see the legitimacy of this it could get interesting for them...


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What about the broadband ISP providers who *REFUSE* to help you if you 
are thusly configured?

Case in point:
I use Comcast [ack].
I've been getting port-scanned and DoS attacks, and occasionally lose my 
connection.  After calling Comcast, they come out and look at my modem 
( and say, "Hey, your modem says everything's fine.  
What's the problem?"  I call back later and talk to Tech NoSupport and 
they tell me that "we do not provide support for 3rd party hardware 
and/or software.  Plug the computer directly into the modem and disable 
your web server and then we will help you."

But my router is my 1st line of defense...then comes my firewall (Panda 
Antivirus Platinum with internet firewall), as well as Windows ICF 
configured on my network adapter.

How is someone like me who does actually "have a clue" get support from 
the ISP when their attitude is to treat all users like 5 year olds?

- Eric.

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