[Dshield] Microsoft ASN.1

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>Actually in this area RoadRunner is doing exactly that, and SBC is starting
>it in March. The problem there is somewhat magnified in that they are
>delivered with default open configurations.  One can start up a laptop with
>a wireless card, get in his car and drive the neighborhood, and find open
>internet connections all over the place.  The users usually have not a clue
>how to secure their own wireless home networks, and don't know what   a MAC
>address is, much less how to set it up in the router.
>I wonder how many of them have a clue that they are making available free
>internet access to their neighbors?

So true Doug. Kind of like the day that cordless phones first came out. As a
kid, we could drive around the neighborhood and become anyone that had one
:-) We never made long distance calls or anything, it was just fun to see.


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