[Dshield] Windoze Questions...SAMBA + Windows AD Question

John Holmblad jholmblad at aol.com
Sat Feb 14 21:35:54 GMT 2004


your post prompts a question from me concerning the use of Linux/SAMBA 
as a file server on a Microsoft network. As you may be aware, Samba-3 
supports Windows Active Directory and a SAMBA file server can be a 
member computer of an AD domain.Given this capability,  I am interested 
in knowing  whether it is possible for a Linux server that is running 
Samba -3 and which is joined as a computer to an AD domain to be the 
target machine for the folder redirection feature under Windows Group 
Policy? Have you tried doing this on your network?

The idea here, building upon your point that Linux systems are generally 
protected from Windows targeted malware, is to achieve an additional 
layer of security ("security through OS diversity" if you will) by 
having most or  all Windows 2000/XP users folders automatically mapped 
to one or more Linux/SAMBA systems using the GP feature. For those 
sensitive  folders that could not be re-mapped for performance reasons, 
then  Windows Encrypting File Service could be used to protect such 
files against theft.

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