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it sounds like you and your management have a good plan. The word 
"aggressive" is apt.

An important issue I think in both the workplace and the home  is time, 
that is having enough time for the average user (unlike this list's 
members) to:

    * a). learn how to secure their computers,
    * b) maintain a good and up to date understanding of the evolving
      threats, and
    * c) perform the "security maintenance" tasks to keep their systems

As it has been discussed on this list, a significant impediment for some 
users is the lack of a broadband connection to maintain currency of 
their a/v , os, AND application software. Despite all of the positive 
efforts Microsoft has made to improve their own act with respect to 
these issues, one big outstanding issue for the windows OS is that you 
have to be logged on with Administrator privileges in order to install 
OS updates. This or course then requires that the user log off their 
current user session with non-Admin privileges (assuming they are 
following security best practice) and to log on as an Admin in order to 
install the updates. I would be willing to bet that if you ask Mr or Ms 
average home computer user what an Administrator account is you will 
more often than not get a blank stare!


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