[Dshield] "Academic Freedom" vs Computer Security

wulfman wulfman at charter.net
Mon Feb 16 10:32:40 GMT 2004

I had to take a moment to come out of lurk mode for this thread

My two cents... for what its worth.

Internet security is a question of Internet Community, which in turn is a
matter of how well we each individually understand the need to secure our
own systems, out of respect for the Internet as a whole.

Those who fail to secure their own resources, expose not only their own
resources, but also the resources of others to abuse.

I have had very little problem with users understanding a few simple
non-intrusive rules.

  1.. As provider, I am your host, BUT this is MY network, should a problem
become apparent, my decision will be final, and without recourse.

  2.. You are a guest. Service will be forthcoming when your identity as the
guest you claim to be has been validated.

  2.. There are NO anonymous transactions on my network.

  3.. You are free to do more or less as you please, with the understanding
that you are responsible for your own conduct, and the consequences thereof.

  4.. I am not your babysitter. I will not read your email, or emulate your
telnet sessions... But logs will be kept. If I am notified of activities
which might expose my network to harm, the logs will be checked, and your
account my by warned, suspended, or deleted as I deem necessary.

  5.. If large men in cheap dark suits show up at my door about your
activities, I will not be going to prison for you.

  6.. If any of the above rules are not acceptable in their full
implications, please feel free to copy them, and post them to your own
server, on your own network.

Academic freedom is the freedom to learn.... NOT the freedom to act
indiscriminantly or irresponsibly at the expense of others .

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