[Dshield] MS SUS (formerly Mydoom (A, B) and Doomjuice.A Worm Removal Tool (KB836528), 2/13/2004)

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Mon Feb 16 13:29:42 GMT 2004

IMO SUS is a huge of time!  If you're looking to centrally manage MS
patches (office-OS) go directly with the source Shavlik HFnetChkPro
http://www.shavlik.com/pHFNetChkPro.aspx it works as advertised ;)

Just my 2cents
Thanx, Paul 

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> Doomjuice.A Worm Removal Tool (KB836528), 2/13/2004)
> On a side note, and mostly to fulfill personal curiosity -- 
> of those of you in Windows shops, how many have tried, 
> experimented with, considered, hated, given up on, loved, 
> installed, etc. Microsoft's SUS? 
> I've thought about it, but other priorities haven't let me do 
> much with it. What's it take to install, configure, use, manage, etc.?
> Josh Tolley
> Micheal Patterson wrote:
> > Oh, this is nice. MS has a removal tool for *doom* trojans. It only 
> > shows up if you need to remove the item. It's also 
> available for the 
> > SUS servers as well. This is actually not a bad move in my opinion, 
> > with the exception of one small item.
> -- the rest removed for brevity --
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