[Dshield] MS SUS (formerly Mydoom (A, B) and Doomjuice.A WormRemoval Tool (KB836528), 2/13/2004)

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SUS can also be configured to pull the needed update files from
microsofts web servers and deploy on your network without using your own
disk space for storage.

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I have not used it yet but I do know that  it only supports security 
related updates at this time. Here is the url to the Microsoft 
deployment guidance on the tool:


Here is an excerpt from that guide regarding the sizing of the server 
hardware for  SUS:


    * The minimum configuration for a server running Software Update
      Services is:

                Pentium III 700 MHz or higher processor.
                512 megabytes of RAM.
                6 gigabytes (GB) of free hard disk space for setup and
    security packages.
          This configuration will support approximately 15,000 clients
    using one server running SUS.

In the coming year, Microsoft is planning to add support for application

security updates (i.e. office, etc.). Right now it is limited to OS 
security related updates. I have heard conflicting information about 
whether or not SUS can be run on a domain controller. As you can see it

requires a fair amount of disk space to hold the update files.

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