[Dshield] How do you prepare for or fight against a DDOS?

Paul Oliver p.oliver at concentriccontrols.com
Tue Feb 17 12:55:46 GMT 2004

The current version of SUS does support service packs for Windows 2000, XP
and 2003 as well as the hotfixes.  The SUS server here has about 700Mb of
patches and service packs on it using the default configuration.


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> About question #2 re: hfnetchk and SUS, we're just on the tail end of a
> light discussion of that very subject. The jury so far seems to agree
> that hfnetchk is the way to go, unless you can accept (or are forced to
> accept) the limitations of SUS (Software update services), including
> among other things
> - can only work with hotfixes (not service packs)
> - requires IIS, significant disk space (in some configurations)

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