[Dshield] Sprint

Thomas.Deimel@gastechnology.org Thomas.Deimel at gastechnology.org
Tue Feb 17 14:30:46 GMT 2004

This arrived this AM. Sprint doing something, I guess.

Dear SprintLink Dedicated IP Access Customer,

SprintLink will soon be making a change to our routing policy in an effort
to help prevent denial of service (DoS) attacks from impacting your

Beginning February 24, 2004, Sprint will no longer route the point-to-point
IP address space between your router(s) and our SprintLink router(s).  This
means that the IP address of your router's interface that connects to
SprintLink will no longer be reachable from the Internet. This routing
policy change will be made automatically for all customers.

Many network configurations do not use this address and keeping it
reachable from the Internet poses a security risk.  There are, however,
some network configurations involving virtual private networks (VPN) or
implementations of network address translations service (NAT) that may
require the functionality of this address. If your network configuration
requires the use of this address you must take action.

Thomas J. Deimel
Security and Network Administrator
Gas Technology Institute

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If you are not the intended recipient of this communication, 
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