[Dshield] Tax Time

JJ Noyb quiet_sa at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 17 15:12:18 GMT 2004

Dear List,

I decided to go back to doing my own taxes and purchased TurboTax Deluxe. 
After installing th esoftware on a Win 2000 machine, I tried to run the 
software as a regular user and could. After a wasted hour on the TurboTax 
chat area, I was told I had to run the program with "Administrative Rights." 
I am not sure what "Administrative Rights" means and neither did they. The 
reason for this was their software engineering staff has determined that the 
program must run with "Administrative Rights"

Not being a Win 2000 Certified person, with ten of thousands of dollars 
invested in MS training, I would like to truely understand the risks.

I can run the program as administrator, but that seems to me to do something 
I should have.

I can run the program as Administrator, but that locks the program out of 
network shared functions, specifically the printer.

I can elevate the user by placing the user in the System Administration 
group. Kind of the same issue as running as Administrator.

Have I missed an option, besides sending the program back?

What aspect of the program requires administrator privledges?

BTW, I take all responsibilities for anything their program does.


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