[Dshield] DI-604 Logging Woes

Glenn Jarvis gaj at sympatico.ca
Wed Feb 18 19:56:14 GMT 2004

Hi all,
Since this router leaves the only option but too email it's log to the 
user, not to mention the format of the log is useless really to pull 
into an analyser such as Zone Analyser, and Visual. It's format seems to 
be different from one family to the next such as the 700 series. I have 
been in discussion with DLink Canada asking them if there was a 
possibilty that the user could have the option in the web interface to 
write the logs to the hard disk in ZoneAlarm format. They seemed to be 
interested in this option and requested some sample logs to look at the 
format. I have sent them this afternoon, and one can only hope they will 
be able offer this option. If anyone has any other suggestions, by all 
means :-)


Not only will it be helpful, it save folks like me from editing the 
present log to ZoneAlarm format (which takes an average of about two 
hours of my day).  ;-)

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