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jayjwa jayjwa at atr2.ath.cx
Thu Feb 19 08:36:22 GMT 2004

On Tue, 17 Feb 2004, wulfman wrote:

> A couple of years ago Intuit contrived a plan to "protect their interests"
> by incorporating a trojan horse/spyware C-Dilla into their TurboTax product.
> The Adaware anti-adware program and several anti-virus programs caught the
> "infection" and squashed it, leaving (ironically) the most security
> conscious users of TurboTax up a creek because TurboTax would not function
> without the spyware installed.


> Would you trust your tax and financial information to a company who would
> require that a spyware be installed on your system before you can see your
> tax information from years past? You willing to make a Looooong term
> commitment to use their product?
> Are you willing to buy the program again any time you upgrade your hard
> drive, operating system, install a boot manager or second OS, or just scan
> your HDD for infections and adware? Are you willing to assume that they
> haven't tried to do this same thing again in a more subtle way? Are you
> willing to risk not being able to open your tax records in a few years when
> you need them because your HDD didn't have a mean time to failure greater
> than 10 years, or that some other software has interfered with their
> spyware?
> Are you willing to support a software company which would contrive a plan of
> this type, to hold you hostage to your own tax data?


> Since the C-Dilla debacle I removed Quickbooks from my system after
> exporting MY data to text. I emailed them and told them that due to their
> exploit I would be using open source software...

Excellent! It's nice to see people won't stand for this sort of thing
anymore. Open source solutions are frequently comparable or better than
their commercial counter parts, in no small part due to the fact the
authors of such software do so because their heart is truely in it- not
because of a profit margin.

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