[Dshield] Issues with latest round of Microsoft code patches

Fleckles, Eric efleckles at goodsill.com
Thu Feb 19 19:42:08 GMT 2004

Hi All-

Wanted to spread the word for all you M$ users (myself included)-> that
many many folks are experiencing issues with Microsoft's latest round of
security patches; specifically mso4-004. They talk about a "fix" for
their original fix in KB831167, also other issues caused by that patch
can be found in KB828432. After reading them, I think they understate
the problem.  A tenant in our building creamed his webserver installing
this (hearsay admittedly, i did not personally investigate) patch, and
many people cannot access web applications that used to work fine.
Bottom line appears to be that we still gotta ride that fine line btwn
reacting and waiting with regards their patches.  Heterogeneity and
defense in-depth, always your best bets; but man, i wish they would just
test their stuff better! /end rant.  

Aloha, Eric

Eric Fleckles, MCSE
Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel
A Limited Liability Law Partnership LLP

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