[Dshield] Issues with latest round of Microsoft code patches

Doug White doug at clickdoug.com
Thu Feb 19 21:43:03 GMT 2004

The biggest thing the patch did was to break HTTPS logins, and the subsequent
patch of the patch took care of this.

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: Hi All-
: Wanted to spread the word for all you M$ users (myself included)-> that
: many many folks are experiencing issues with Microsoft's latest round of
: security patches; specifically mso4-004. They talk about a "fix" for
: their original fix in KB831167, also other issues caused by that patch
: can be found in KB828432. After reading them, I think they understate
: the problem.  A tenant in our building creamed his webserver installing
: this (hearsay admittedly, i did not personally investigate) patch, and
: many people cannot access web applications that used to work fine.
: Bottom line appears to be that we still gotta ride that fine line btwn
: reacting and waiting with regards their patches.  Heterogeneity and
: defense in-depth, always your best bets; but man, i wish they would just
: test their stuff better! /end rant.
: Aloha, Eric
: Eric Fleckles, MCSE
: Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel
: A Limited Liability Law Partnership LLP

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