[Dshield] Banks Openly Inviting Email Fraud

Glenn Jarvis gaj at sympatico.ca
Tue Feb 24 11:50:47 GMT 2004

Doug White wrote:

>You are correct, and the proper response for the recipient of these mails is to
>complain loudly and repeatedly for violations of privacy rules. Threaten
>lawsuits, and report them to the Feds.  Publish the emails and the source on a
>web site with a page title of Bank Fraud, and send the link to every contact
>address at the bank you can find.
>Thus far, my bank uses their own servers and the Director if IT is a friend of
>mine - we have discussed at length the problems with hiring email marketing
>entities, especially those offshore. and they don't do it.  Several of their
>officers are even using my filtering server for incoming email.

I too have received the odd email from my bank. It gets classed as junk 
and deleted. I check the message source, reviewing the headers ,content 
and then it gets purged. What also concerns me in relation to the banks, 
is their website. A couple of weeks ago, I went to do some online bill 
payments. However, their main webpage just didn't quite look the same. I 
know they change the graphic now and then, but the "sign-in" button 
wasn't visible. This wasn't a browser error. Something about it raised a 
warning flag in my fuzzy brain. Even the URL wasn't what it normally is. 
I didn't sign in... I called their tech support and they told me that 
they had several pages and url's and it was normal. Okay, I got off the 
phone, sat there staring at this page....checked the page source,  it 
looked like theirs, but I just couldn't be sure. Needless to say, I 
didn't do any banking that day. I waited a couple of days and tried 
again... ah, the page I normally see...
What bothered me about this was that their tech support attitude was 
similiar to "Why are you so concerned ?".... well, duh..(not intended to 
offend the techs in here), but with all the scams nowadays...
And if you want to discuss the privacy part.. my auto insurance company 
sent my renewel and inside is a sheet talking about privacy.... get 
2/3's the way down and it announces they disclose information to third 
parties. If you don't want them to,let them know in writing, and of 
course, they state that if you remove permission, they may not be able 
to continue to serve you.Sorry, I'm starting to get OT here, but this 
privacy thing sometimes puts a burr in my ear....
(back to my morning coffee now) :-)

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