[Dshield] Windoze Questions...SAMBA + Windows AD Question

Laurie Kennedy cblmaint at cblptyltd.com.au
Wed Feb 25 01:23:51 GMT 2004

Hello list, David and Moderators,

Just to add to my previous post.

My home PC has not dialed up to the internet since last Friday. But on
Saturday I used the work IDS (locked out) HDD in a removeable case with my
internal Win 2000 pro HDD to backup documents etc onto CD. At this stage my
XP removeable HDD was not inserted. When I next attempted to boot from the
XP removeable drive with the Internal 2000 HDD disabled, it would only
display a blank screen after the hardware messages. I then attempted to
access the XP HDD with the internal Win 2000 pro HDD enabled, and both the
2000 and XP drives stopped booting, but the Win 98 removeable HDD is
perfectly OK.

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