[Dshield] Patch for MS04-007 for Win 98

Colin.Simons@shipsoffice.org Colin.Simons at shipsoffice.org
Wed Feb 25 13:01:49 GMT 2004

In response to the report in the ISC Handler's Diary on 22 Feb that there was a patch for Win 98 for the ASN.1 vuln my colleague called MS in the UK today and informed me of the following:
"I have called Microsoft and spent a long time with their representative who assured me that Windows 98 is not vulnerable to MS04-007. What to do? She did give me a URL to order their Windows 98 security CD which, she claimed, has all the security patches on it. I did tell her (many times) that there were reports on the 'net that win98 is vulnerable and that Microsoft have provided a patch. She went away for a long time but came back and said no. Unless there is a CD or part number or something, I don't think I would get any further if I called them again."
Does anyone have a patch number, reference number or URL that we could point our rep to?
Many thanks.
Colin Simons
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