[Dshield] spam-maker program

Buzz info at 4201.com
Wed Feb 25 22:06:44 GMT 2004

  Some time ago while searching for an alternative email client (which I found) I stumbled across a program that generates Mass Mailings.  It sounded interesting so I downloaded it - installed it -- and found that it was actually a spam generator program.  It is quite extensive - claims to forge the headers, etc ... 

I tested it a little for curiousity but not being a spammer found little use for it beyond a better understanding of how spam can work.  I uninstalled the program but kept the original download.  

The program's called send-safe.exe (1,855,635 bytes) and I didn't keep track of where I got it.  Some web site that popped up in a search for email clients.  

My programming capabilities are limited - I could not reverse-engineer this thing.  But it does provide a worthwhile insite into how spam gets sent.  Someone with more knowledge than I could find it to be very useful as a anti-spam tool.  If such a person exists I would be glad to send the program to them for closer examination.  

The program does indeed use blind relays to deliver it's mail and the HEADER does not disclose the originating IP.  I'm sure the server log would.  But NOT the message header.  

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