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Bob Savage bsavage at rnr-inc.com
Thu Feb 26 21:17:28 GMT 2004

Let me start by saying that spam makes me as angry as it does everyone else.

However, here's the situation I struggled with a while back:

We are a small company selling a line of products wholesale to about 75 medium to large sized customers.  Late last year our sales VP wanted to send a promotional email to all of them; he wanted the "from" to show his name; he wanted a product picture in the body of the email; and he wanted a spreadsheet attached.  We spent several days talking about how to get this accomplished and experimenting with the tools we had on hand.  I finally searched the web and found a little program that I'm sure is commonly used by spammers.  Our contract artist put the email and the picture together in an HTML format and I sent it with the free software I found on the web.  It did the trick for us, and we used it again a few weeks later.  I'm sure he'll want to do it again several times this year.

Our VP's request seemed reasonable to me, but I've never been entirely comfortable with the solution.  What would you have done in my place?

Bob Savage

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There's alot of these, I've got one or two on some disk some place. You
can actually go to web sites that, for lack of a better term, "stock"
spammers with the garbage they use to spam people. Some article had a list
of them, and I visited them. I was shock to see that yeah, they really did
promote spamming- and of course, at the botton of the page it had some BS
disclaimer about them hating spam and being against it, claiming their
tools were really for legit purposes (like what I don't know). There's
books spammers can buy & order. On one website a came across, one spammer
was complaining to another in a forum about how spamming is getting to be
harder for them. This guy was complaining because he'd spam someone, then
the person would Nmap him, mail his ISP, and his ISP's upstream provider.
I thought to myself 'Way to go!', so now I take the time and report most
all of the spam I get (it's not much at all that makes it thru), because I
know it IS working, even if it's not readily apparent.

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