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> Let me start by saying that spam makes me as angry as it does everyone
> However, here's the situation I struggled with a while back:
> We are a small company selling a line of products wholesale to about 75
medium to large sized customers.  Late last year our sales VP wanted to send
a promotional email to all of them; he wanted the "from" to show his name;
he wanted a product picture in the body of the email; and he wanted a
spreadsheet attached.  We spent several days talking about how to get this
accomplished and experimenting with the tools we had on hand.  I finally
searched the web and found a little program that I'm sure is commonly used
by spammers.  Our contract artist put the email and the picture together in
an HTML format and I sent it with the free software I found on the web.  It
did the trick for us, and we used it again a few weeks later.  I'm sure
he'll want to do it again several times this year.
> Our VP's request seemed reasonable to me, but I've never been entirely
comfortable with the solution.  What would you have done in my place?
> Bob Savage

You could always do what I did. I was in a very similar situation. One of
our child companies has one of the leading Cancer physicians in the country
and he chairs various seminars around the country when his work load
permits. What I did, was take all of the contacts that they had acquired
from previous seminars, mind you that these were individuals who had
indicated that they would be interested in future notifications, created a
mailing list using Mailman and added those addresses to list with an
invitation only with a very detailed explanation of the mailing.  Those that
didn't want to receive anything else, were removed from the list when they
didn't respond, leaving only the ones that did. Did I feel comfortable about
it? Not in the least but I wasn't left much of a choice in the matter so I
opted for the lesser of the evils.


Micheal Patterson
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