[Dshield] spam-maker program

Paul Marsh pmarsh at nmefdn.org
Fri Feb 27 13:31:28 GMT 2004


	I had/have the same project on a quarterly basis, did it all in
house and called the project spammer.  The powers above are clueless so
they didn't see the humor in it's name.

my 2cents

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> Let me start by saying that spam makes me as angry as it does 
> everyone else.
> However, here's the situation I struggled with a while back:
> We are a small company selling a line of products wholesale 
> to about 75 medium to large sized customers.  Late last year 
> our sales VP wanted to send a promotional email to all of 
> them; he wanted the "from" to show his name; he wanted a 
> product picture in the body of the email; and he wanted a 
> spreadsheet attached.  We spent several days talking about 
> how to get this accomplished and experimenting with the tools 
> we had on hand.  I finally searched the web and found a 
> little program that I'm sure is commonly used by spammers.  
> Our contract artist put the email and the picture together in 
> an HTML format and I sent it with the free software I found 
> on the web.  It did the trick for us, and we used it again a 
> few weeks later.  I'm sure he'll want to do it again several 
> times this year.
> Our VP's request seemed reasonable to me, but I've never been 
> entirely comfortable with the solution.  What would you have 
> done in my place?
> Bob Savage

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