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you may want to read recommended by, among others SNorthcutt  :
    Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access and 802.11i 
-- by Jon Edney (Author), William A. Arbaugh (Author); Paperback
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The problem is not with the RC4 algorithm which is widely used in many 
crypto systems very successfully. It is the way RC4 is applied in the 
original WEP standard that caused the problems associated with 
Initialization Vector wraparound and weak keys. WPA corrects those 
defects in the implementation while keeping the RC4 ahgorithim intact  
which is why many if not most AP's and NIC cards can be upgraded via 
software firmware to use WPA with TKIP. In other words TKIP is also 
based on RC4.  RC4 is good because it is a) simple to implement in 
combinitorial logic and b) therefore very fast. You may also be aware 
that the soon to be ratified 802.11i standard will support, in addition 
to TKIP, the Advanced Encryption Standard which is even more 
cryptogrpahically robust than TKIP.


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