[Dshield] Wireless networks and corporate Lans

Chuck Rothauser chuckr at keywestkeys.com
Sun Feb 29 21:25:18 GMT 2004

Greetings Don,

If the laptop has ip forward enbabled then the laptop will forward ip
packets in both directions.  This means that users on either network can
knock on the doors (ip socket numbers) of computers in either direction.
They would not have to hack into the laptop!  Having ip forward on also
means that multi-cast packets will be forwarded in either direction also.

Generally speaking a laptop should have only one network interface active at
any given time!


-----> Chuck

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> I have not yet used wireless myself, but am curious about the following
> situation:
> A laptop is connected to a corporate LAN via ethernet or a docking
> station.  The laptop also has a wireless card installed.  A public
> wireless access point is within range.  Will the laptop connect both
> interfaces?  What will be the default route?  Chances are the laptop
> will be running Win2K.
> What are the vulnerabilities?  Can the laptop be attacked from the
> wireless port and therefore access data on the corporate LAN?
> Or am I being too paranoid?
> Thanks in advance for any response,
> Don
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